Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC Launches New Online Store

Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC Launches New Online Store

This week Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC launched its new online store at RBC customers can now browse and purchase from a range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and High Purity Ingredients (HPIs) for pharmaceuticals and biologics. RBC’s online shop offers free shipping options and features Reaction Ready™ orders with customizable packaging, quantities, and configurations.

RBC’s new online store allows customers to purchase pharmaceutical and biologic ingredients in bulk and provides a downloadable detailed specification sheet for each product allowing their customers to shop with confidence knowing they are receiving the highest purity pharmaceutical and biological products on the market.

RBC was proud to partner with Unidev, a software and web development company based in St. Louis, Missouri. “Unidev offered a customized online store that allows us to reach a new level in customer care and technology-forward product delivery,” said James Wickenhauser, RBC’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Steve Thomas, Unidev Vice President and Director of Ecommerce, said, “We are very proud to have been selected by Reliable Biopharmaceutical for the development of their new online catalog. The new ecommerce catalog enables RCB’s customers to directly purchase products in a seamless integrated manner. We developed this new store with the same quality and security standards that RCB’s customers have come to expect from their product.”

RBC has grown its chemical capabilities and has enhanced their products and processes since 2010 to meet their customer’s needs. The added value of an online store now gives RBC’s customers more options for their customers to purchase their products with ease and flexibility. David Feldker, RBC’s CEO and President, “As RBC continues to grow, we have built stronger relationships with our customers and have put emphasis on setting our reputation around high purity ingredients and active pharmaceuticals. By having an online store, we look forward to taking our product lines to the next level of quality and service.”

Reliable Biopharmaceutical Company is on the forefront of technological advances in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. RBC produces and sells only the purest and highest quality chemicals, reagents, buffers, and processing aids. The RBC online storefront provides cost-saving options for customers in their receiving, quality assurance, and manufacturing arriving on-site ready for processing.

About Reliable Biopharmaceutical
Founded in 1968, Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corporation (RBC) is an integrated developer and manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and High Purity Ingredients (HPIs) for pharmaceuticals and biologics. RBC has established a strong position as a leading developer and manufacturer of complex generic injectable APIs. RBC’s APIs are in leading generic injectable drugs that treat cancer, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety and other serious and life threatening illnesses. RBC’s HPIs are critical processing aids for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. For more information, please visit

About Unidev
Unified Development, Inc. (Unidev) is a software application development and mobile application development company focused on technology-driven business solutions. Unidev creates proven, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our clients. With offices in both St. Louis and Las Vegas, Unidev provides productivity applications, custom software development, and technology consulting services. For more information on Unidev, please call (800) 301-9589 or visit

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