Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC announces the Introduction of GMP Buffers


Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC (RBC) announced today that its Biological Buffers product line now includes GMP produced buffers. This elevated quality standard is in anticipation of increased requirements for GMP excipients earlier in the drug manufacturing process.

“This move is a logical step in the development of Reliable. We are leveraging our existing Buffer manufacturing and anticipating market changes by producing them under GMP controls,” Said David Feldker, President and CEO. “We find many U.S. manufacturers are themselves looking to buy raw materials from U.S. manufacturers like ourselves. And this trend is only growing.”

Buffer solutions are used as a means of controlling pH by keeping it at a nearly constant value. Many cellular processes thrive only in a relatively small pH range so they utilize a buffer solution to maintain the desired pH range.

RBC currently offers Tris, HEPES, MES, MOPS, and Bis-Tris Propane with the intent to expand the line based on customer demand.


About Reliable Biopharmaceutical LLC

Founded in 1968, RBC is an integrated developer and manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs") and High Purity Ingredients ("HPIs") for pharmaceuticals and biologics. RBC has established a strong position as a leading developer and manufacturer of complex generic injectable APIs. The Company has developed 20 generic APIs to date that have been accepted as Type II Drug Master Files by the FDA and has 19 more in various stages of development. RBC's products are the active ingredients for leading generic injectable drugs that treat cancer, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety and other serious and life threatening illnesses. RBC also manufactures critical processing aids for the pharmaceutical industry and currently supplies these products to many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


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